Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora Ardon Translation: Naomi Gal


10:45 When we arrived, five cars were parked in the parking lot. There were no people at the waiting hall. A few people arrived one after another and were let inside. Three young men came out, workers for an Arab contractor, who works in Efrat. They said that when they arrive at work, they have to deposit their magnetic cards with the security personal at the entrance to Efrat, and when they leave, they get their cards back. It is unclear if the security men have legal authority to take the cards. Yesterday, when they left work, they unfortunately forgot them. In the morning, when they came to work, the security personnel refused to let them in and said their cards were sent to DCL. They traveled to DCL, were let in but came out immediately because their cards were not found. We called security at Efrat. We asked to speak with whoever handled the cards to find out where they were sent. A woman responded and she refused to transfer the call. We traveled to Efrat. The security personnel at the gate cooperated and we were able to talk with David, the coordinator. He said that the cards are delivered first to the brigade, that is supposed to transfer them to DCL. He suggested that the workers call on Sunday and inquire whether the cards arrived from the brigade to DCL. The brigade and DCL are at the exact same location!

A man turned to us, he worked several years in Israel and one fine day found himself prevented until 2114. It turns out that he had a dispute with the Palestinian contractor for whom he worked. The contractor gave him back the debt he owed him, but apparently took revenge and turned him into a prevented. We gave him some advises as to how

to cancel the prevention. We advised as well a taxi driver whose wife is GSS prevented. She has a brother who apparently is not of sound mind and is in jail. But other brothers are not prevented, nor is her husband. She is the only one prevented and fails to obtain a permit to enter Israel.