Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
ליד מבני המועצה האזורית דרום הר חברון - השתלטות על קרקע פלסטינית

Near Meitar the hole in the fence has not been repaired and many workers continue to pass. The need to bring home bread is stronger than anything and the State of Israel probably understands this and turns a blind eye. A few billion more or less, who cares. Chelm is run safely.

We went to an area following a report from a man who lives right next to the buildings of the Southern Hebron Mountains Regional Council. He said that heavy mechanical equipment  had invaded his land and began preparing the ground for what appeared to be construction plans. Indeed, this is how it seems. The buildings in the picture all belong to the Southern Hebron Mountain Council.

Nasser Nawaja', from Susiya, leads us to the place. We were happy to see that the Palestinian shepherd was not alone. Two young men arrived. These are the young people who come from the center of the country because they wish to help guard these people from the settlers and stay with them. This is their way of protesting against the occupation. These young people  inspire us and we have the hope that there are others who care, and will continue to protest against the occupation when we can no longer continue our struggle. The shepherd continued to graze his sheep but was worried of course. They stayed with him because he had  called the police and  was waiting for them. We could not stay because there is no knowing when the police would arrive.

Nasser also returned to Susiya. We hope you saw the video from Wednesday showing how badly he was knocked around by the soldiers when protesting demolitions.

We also went to Susiya to visit Azzam and Wadha and to find out how they are. We were glad they went through this period in peace. Azzam, who is over 55, says he worked in Israel, but now it is also difficult for people his age, if there is no contractor and broker who approves his employment. 

He tells of the blackmailers who take advantage of them. I thought of the break near the gap in the fence ... unhindered.

When convictions and stupidity are used interchangeably.