Hizma - nationalist terrorism

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Tamar Fleishman

Two transport vehicles designated for Gaza were waiting for their more than thirty patients to arrive and board.

The patients begin to assemble at 9 a.m. already, inside the checkpoint, said one who knows.

Already at 9 a.m. they – women, men, children, and babies – are waiting to receive the signal to exit the sealed compound, board their transport vehicles and go home to Gaza.

The bags laden with products purchased in the West Bank and missing in the Gaza Strip were so numerous that the baggage compartment and aisles were not enough space to contain them and an added vehicle was needed for them alone.

Getting organized took nearly an hour. Only shortly before 4 p.m. did the heavy-laden vehicles get underway.

This time as always – words of farewell, hand waving, and the gaze accompanying the transits until they disappeared from view. But this time more than ever, their faces continued to haunt me and I found myself looking, concerned, at their photos from this time, and the previous times, thus all through the present “Black Belt” ‘operation’.

For that whole time, and some minutes more, an ambulance from the West Bank was parked at the vehicle checkpoint, waiting.

When the Jerusalem ambulance arrived, a young woman with a babyinfo-icon in her lap passed one to the other. No doubt the long wait is not exactly favorable to a very unhealthy infant on his way to the hospital.


At Hizma:

כתובות נאצה בחיזמא
כתובת נאצה על חומה בחיזמא

(The writing on the walls: “Stones are murder!” and “Jews don’t keep silent!”)

The photos represent the Jewish settler-colonists’ deeds when they invaded Hizma village during the night between Thursday and Friday. This is not a “Price Tag” action.

This is nationalist terrorism.

Beside slur slogans sprayed on house and yard walls, the assailants also punctured car tires, not just single ones but all four tires of quite a few cars.

As always in cases of settler-colonists terrorist crimes, the matter will not be investigated, the criminals not caught, not prosecuted and certainly not sentenced.