Habla – Our acquaintances talked to us about the hope for normal life

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Ruthie Katz, Chana Abiram Translator: Charles K.

7:05  The checkpoint is still locked.  We see no soldiers.

7:13  The checkpoint opens.  People are inspected at the guard post next to the exit gate to the plant nurseries.

7:27  The minibus transporting teachers and students leaves Habla.  The windows are tinted so we weren’t able to see whether there were passengers.

Trucks loaded with plants keep coming from Habla.

People continue to trickle through.  The checkpoint was temporarily empty but more and more people arrive as 8 AM approaches.

Other than a truck with a crane coming from Habla, we saw no people or vehicles refused entry.

At 8:04 the soldiers begin closing the gate and three men arrive running, their documents are inspected and they continue on their way.

At 8:07 the soldiers close the checkpoint.

We spoke with A. and V., our acquaintances, about the American elections, in particular about the hope for a normal life (not “normalization”).