Etzion DCO: five years of administrative detention and a first academic degree

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Shlomit Steinitz and Natanya Ginsburg

Very few people ..all called into the GSS

We had an interesting and surprising meeting  with  a very well spoken and intelligent man who had sat in administrative detention for about five years and,  during the war,  had once again  been  put him into jail for another  five months when the war broke out and. now, once again had been  called him in for questioning. He did not sound angry but as if to say that that is  what life is  like. During his time in jail he studied  with the Open University for a Bachelor degree. Now he is at Bir Zeit for his  third degree and his wife has a degree in physics and all he wants to do is get out of the  country to somewhere where his four children should have a better life. We did not ask him why he had been such a suspicious character. Sometimes it is hard to insert ourselves in people's private lives. 

As a matter of interest Ben Gvir no longer gives Palestinians the chance of studying....maybe because he realizes he would not have gone far had he been sitting in jail. Let us hope he will one day be given the change to find out.