Masafer Yatta: house demolitions

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Lea; Translator: Natanya

We start by visiting Yusri Jaber (Ata's brother, who now works at Rami Levy in Ashdod.  He travels every day, what a hassle for a living!) Yusri lived in the US for years and when he returned he lived in the family's main house, with his mother and brother, west of Highway 60, right next to the Kiryat Arba junction. A few years ago he decided to leave with his wife and children (today: 2 daughters and a son) and to rent a house south of there. He has impressive fruit trees and a grape vineyard which he tries to protect against the theft attacks of the settlers with an improvised tin fence.

One of the springs in the famils'w land was sealed under pressure from the settlers, but other springs are used, and water is also purchased. Yusri grows some vegetables.

Yusri has  been trying  to extract compensation from hotels in Jerusalem for his years of work there in the 1980s. In one of the hotels he worked and received pay statements. I took his identity details. Adv. Dalia Litan Rosenberg from Yeruham is willing to handle this pro bono (she is active in the Yeruham-Rahma Regional Group, so I turned to her) but says that he must sign a power of attorney in the presence of a lawyer. I found a lawyer through the Roots/Judur Group from Gush Etzion. We must make sure to take Yusri to him to sign.

 We pass through Hebron. Posters of the settlers are pasted on all the soldiers' positions, so that it is clear whom the army is serving. Also, a large sign on the House of the Patriarchs connects the house to the left, that is, the house that separates the House of the Patriarchs from the girls' school.

 In place of the base facing Shuhada Street, new high-rise buildings for settlers are being erected. And on the way, even a driving school vehicle, practicing on the streets of the Jewish becoming Hebron was observed.

And everywhere, remnants of Israeli flags from Independence Day, and an announcement of an active conference tonight at Sha'ar Binyamin, preparations for the establishment of new settlements on 20.7.22. The occupation is thriving and advancing rapidly.

 M. Receives a report from Nasser: Today an illegal house near the school in At-Tuwani was demolished. Also in Rakiz two buildings were demolished. The demolition vehicles were observed turning in the direction of al-Fahith. On Friday at 10:00 a large demonstration is being organized starting in At-Tuwani. One should, if possible, arrive in 4X4 vehicles.