Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz and Daniela Joel (recorded) Translation: Naomi Gal

10.30- 13.30

We will draw their blood without making the hole

On the east side of the road before the turn to Efrat soldiers are standing near a military vehicle, listening? Tracking?

In the DCL hall there are already several dozen people. They say that the carousels haven’t been opened for half an hour. A Palestinian tells us that he's prevented and does not know why. They took him away from home. People who were here yesterday and waited in vain returned today. A 64 years old man with cancer has an appointment at the Augusta Victoria Hospital but he cannot get to the hospital, he was told he is prevented. He is a resident of Dahariya and all the inhabitants of Dahariya are GSS prevented. Another Palestinian was fined 250 Shekels for a traffic violation a year and a half ago, it’s impossible to read what the policeman wrote on the fine. The man wants to pay the fine but can’t enter the settlement of Alon Shvut. We went to Alon Shvut and paid the fine at the post office, the fine almost doubled because of the delay.

Kafka is in town – someone asks us, "How do I know if I am prevented or not?" Let him wait at the carousels until a soldier would deign to show up.  

A young man received an invitation to a trial held in Tel Aviv; he came to ask for a permit to cross into Israel, the soldier said: "I have no time for you." If the guy will not get to the trial he will be placed under arrest. The Palestinian DCL didn’t help, either. The judge in the court doesn’t believe him. Since he is GSS prevented he might need to be accompanied, and if he arrives escorted the judge will think he is dangerous.  
Shlomit talks with Dalia Basa, who is in charge of health problems. Dalia tells her that the man from Dahariya is GSS prevented and owes money to an Israeli. The man said he knows nothing about it.

12:50 a new large military vehicle arrives, it is top notch, well-equipped, armored, impressive and expensive, looks like a space ship out of prophet Ezekiel's vision. The car stops, four brave soldiers, armed to their teeth step out, the engine is switched on all the time. Someone, probably the commander, forbids them to talk to us. The soldiers surround a red car, in which are sitting three young people, including an Arab Israeli woman. Our valiant soldiers probably told them to turn around, and they did not understand what was required of them. All they wanted was to get to DCL and issue a magnetic card and then a pass to Israel. Perhaps they are Christians so that they have a chance to get a permit. We instructed them how to do it - first of course pay in Bethlehem for the future card, then issue it in DCL and then ask for a pass.  
It is interesting that the soldiers told them that they are forbidden from traveling and that they will accompany them to the Gush junction and then they have to go back to Bethlehem. 
Shlomit writes to Izzy that they haven’t opened the carousel for more than half an hour. It is forbidden for us to go beyond the carousels.  
There is also a couple who wants a visa to the United States and had an interview at the consulate. The woman is GSS prevented and therefore did not receive a pass. The woman is a teacher. We encountered many teachers who are GSS prevented.