'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tayba-Rummana

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Karin Atadgi, Netta Golan, Shuli Bar (reporting)

At Tayibe-Roumana Checkpoint:
K.: Today’s good. The soldiers are good. The Border Policemen are not good. Only these soldiers are good.
We: How can you say about the occupation soldiers that they’re “good”?
K.: It’s like if I steal your jeep? And now I say to you, come here, I’ll give you a ride… Am I good or not?

05:45 Regional Checkpoint at Barta’a, open every day (photo: Shuli)

11.8.16 phlestinian securitate in Barta`a.png
A Palestinian security guard armed with a club, shackles and
a teargas grenade supervises the waiting line that is in perfect order.

11.8.16 the seamstresses.png
The Palestinian seamstresses await crossing near the available
turnstile. From here they will proceed to work at the sewing workshops
in Eastern Barta’a.

On the seam-line zone side, hundreds of Palestinians who have already crossed the checkpoint are waiting for rides to work. Most of them are employed in constructing the new Israeli town of Harish. The waiting line at the Palestinian car park shrinks and grows according to the crowding inside the terminal.

A heavily-built security guard roams idly near the line waiting to cross the turnstile. Some of us see the armed (club, shackles, teargas grenade) Palestinian security guard a great success – finally the line is quiet, no rackets. We see this very differently. His presence is collaboration with the occupation. It is outrageous that the local inhabitants must pay for this service and we wonder where the money really goes. Some think it reaches private pockets.

A new coffee vendor rides around on an electrical scooter equipped with everything needed for a mobile coffee stand. It takes him one hour to get from his home to the checkpoint.

06:30 Farmers’ checkpoint Anin (214), opens twice a week (photo: Karine)

11.8.16 Anin checkpoint.JPG
Morning at the Anin checkpoint. The village itself is seen on the hill in
the background.

The checkpoint opens on time. Passage is slow. About 70 people have crossed. A number of women arriving with older children were turned back. According to occupation regulations, children of age 14-16 can no longer cross the checkpoint automatically just because they are registered in their parents’ ID. So how will they cross? They will not. Other women with younger children crossed unhampered, including a grandfather with his little grandson. The grandson, naturally, is not registered in his grandfather’s ID but still passed. Old Shafiq crossed on foot. His she-donkey has died and has not yet been replaced.

A Military Policeman comes to ask us why we are against the checkpoints. Our answer did not affect his own opinion (“It’s a pity that you think this way”.)

08:00 Farmers’ checkpoint Tayibe-Roumana (154), opens twice a week
The Palestinians eagerly praise the soldiers and distinguish them from the Border Policemen. The former are good, the latter – are not. They are late in opening the checkpoint and their treatment is not good. Here too, not all women and children were let through. We were asked by people to arrange passage permits through Barta’a, like the ones issued Anin inhabitants. They were surprised to hear that we were not responsible for this.

08:30 Everyone got through and the checkpoint was locked.