Burin - Settlers attack Palestinian homes

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Irit Segoli based on telephone report

After reading Fathiyah's report I called our friend D. to ask about the incident. Pay attention to Friday 17.30, just before the entry of Shabbat, a kind of preparation for the Shabbat pleasure of the settlers of the Givat Ronen outpost. The day and time repeat themselves: Settlers wearing white shirts, accompanied by soldiers.

D. said a number of homes were attacked but there were no casualties.

I asked about our elderly friend whose house is the closest to the outpost (at the time we tried unsuccessfully to build a wall around it at her request). She passed away three months ago at a good old age. May her memory be blessed. The daughter and the elderly father live in the house now. The daughter is a beautician who works in Nablus on normal days

There are three to four coronavirus patients in Burin's vicinity. She sends warm regards to everyone and we ended up saying we hope to see each other after the lockdown.