Hebron: Quiet now. Hopefully it will continue

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Muhammad, Hagit Back (recording)

Near the Meitar checkpoint, where there was a breach in the separation fence, through which Palestinians passed freely, large vessels are now working and another fence is being deployed. Even the cars parked by the road are no longer parked there anymore because the police impose particularly high fines. We saw in the branch of Havat Yehuda from the illegal outpost Ishtamua, in front of the entrance to Shema, a house that was already ready. Conflicts over grazing land have already resulted in settler violence. All this is beyond the radar of peace activists in the southern Hebron Mountains, because the area in question is west of Road 60. At the guard post at the entrance to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron, the symbiosis between the soldiers and the settlers is clear. Abed offers us coffee. Gutnick House under renovation. Everyone says that now it is quiet in Hebron, we hope it will continue.