Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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Rachel Weitzman, Ruthi Tuval (repoting) Chana Stein translating

15.15. Barta’a - Reihan checkpoint, Palestinian side

12.7.16 Barta`a pm que.jpg
Three checking stations are working and lines form and clear quickly

Thanks to the early hour, we were able to meet the seamstresses who work in the sewing workshop in Barta’a, on their way home. We gave them large parcels of clothing and toys, which made them very happy. The new arrangements in the entrance to the checkpoint and in the parking-lot are evident.  The parking-lot is full but accessible, and taxis exit and enter easily.  The Palestinian guards are doing their job.

15.25. Ya’bed-Dotan

In spite of the presence of a military vehicle at the checkpoint, the cars pass without extra delay, apart from the cement blocks that force drivers to slow down – drivers have to wait for cars coming in the opposite direction.

15.40. Barta’a – Rehan checkpoint, on the seamline zone side
We went down in the fenced (sleeveinfo-icon) route towards the terminal. Workers approach in big groups.  Three checking stations are working and lines form and clear quickly. On our way to the exit we noticed a vehicle with three Arab women standing in the Israel route to the W. Bank.  They presented Identity Cards without getting out of the car.  This was something new to us. Is the Barta’a checkpoint beginning to operate like the Jalame checkpoint?

We took with us A, a Tura resident, who was returning from a visit to his mother in Barta’a.  She has  returned from a long hospital stay in Nablus on account of a broken hip. A. tells us, without any anger, a heartbreaking story about his tough childhood.

16.25. Tura-Shaked checkpoint
The checkpoint is quiet, deserted and filthy. As usual.