Bethlehem (300)

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Observing and reporting: Clair Oren Translation: Naomi Gal

3 windows open, lines of people. There is a waiting time and a thorough checking.

Again men and women are surprised to find out they are prevented.

There is no security-guard speaking fluent Arabic today, Palestinians volunteer to translate and explain.

Some of the people utter a juicy curse after they finally pass and are free.

A group of girls/young women pass happily and very excitedly. One is stuck at the checking and is not allowed to pass. The guide in charge of the group approaches the soldier to find out what’s going on and explains that the group has a valid permit and they have a scheduled tour in Yad Vashem Museum. The guard asks why didn’t they come on a bus and who organized the tour. The guide mentions the bereaved families’ forum. The guard approaches the soldier, tries to understand what is the problem, sees that the screen is not red and that there is no prevention and states that it is simply a mistake, that it happens, and the girl passes.

It would be interesting to know if DCL makes mistakes here and there in other areas, not only a Yad Vashem visit.