The Second Day of the Holiday

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Rachel W. and Hannah H. Marcia L., Translation


Afternoon, Holiday of the Sacrifice (Hag HaKorban)

 15:00 – Anin Checkpoint

Only two people left from the checkpoint this morning and now they are waiting for the opening of the checkpoint to return.  One left to spray his olive grove and the second, married to a resident of Umm-al-Fahm, left to celebrate the holiday with his family (his wife and four sons).  He is interested in the possibility of family unification, but we explained to him that the possibility was canceled many years ago.  The soldiers arrived at 15:10 with helmets and protective vests, and opened the checkpoint to the two who pass through.

15:30 – Tura Checkpoint

At the checkpoint, a bus came to take the soldiers.  On holidays, the checkpoint is closed in the afternoon, and opened from 17:00 until midnight.  The main traffic is during the evening, when families pass through the checkpoint from one side to the other, for festive meals.  We met the soldiers in Tura who were at Anin, and from there we concluded at the agricultural checkpoint, Tayibe-Rumana, because no one left for their fields in the morning.


15:50 – Barta’a Checkpoint

There are regular opening hours here on the holiday, but the checkpoint is almost empty.  Few return from work in Israel; most who pass through in two directions are families who leave for holiday visits.  We also met a few young people who are preparing to travel to enjoy the holiday in Tel Aviv.