Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Kifl Harith

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Carol C., Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

13:50  Habla is flowing

14:40  Jit Junction, the military station is manned.

15:00  Burin, the station opposite the school is manned.  Information which we received from the Burin Municipality about the damage inflicted by the burning of the olive groves by the settlers from Giv'at Ronen:  The area is near the Huwarra checkpoint, on the ascent to Har Bracha.  About 400 olive trees in 70 dunames were destroyed.  The areas which were burnt near Yitzhar have already been worked and planted with vines.  They are also beginning to pave roads to give access to future buildings.

On Wednesday, 11.9, the deputy mayor of Burin (our friend from Burin,  Doha, accompanied him) went to the Palestinian Authority to report and be updated.  They were told that the army had reported to the Palestinian Authority that the whole hill next to Yitzhar had been confiscated by an order from Netanyahu himself.  Today I read in the newspaper Al Itahad that yesterday, 12.9, the head of the municipality and the local councils of the villages near Yitzhar (Burin, Huwarra, Asira Alqabaliyya, Madma, Orif and Inabus) received announcements concerning the confiscation of Palestinian lands in order to increase the land of Yitzhar.  Anyone who had an opposition must present an appeal within 21 days of the day of receiving the announcement.

15:40  Huwwara - a flying checkpoint next to the roundabout between Huwarra and Yitzhar.

15:50  Beit Furik - almost no movement of vehicles.

16:20   Za'atra is manned.

16:40  At the entrance to the village of Kifl Harith a group of soldiers was standing right next to the gate.