Simia – settlers threat that the place is an archaeological site

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Muhammad and Raya (reportering); Translator: Natanya

At the Meitar checkpoint there are 3 buses with families who are going on visits to the prisoners in the various prisons in Israel. 
The waiting time from the moment they arrive at the checkpoint until they are checked and start the trip, one and a half to two hours. From the checkpoint they  go to the various prisons in Qetsiot, Nefha - in Mitspeh Ramon, and Be'er Sheva.
The visit takes a whole day, usually they travel once every two weeks or a month.

A military checkpoint was set up at the entrance to Samu’.
Farhan  from Simia tells us that antiquities seekers (men with scull caps, probably settlers) came to visit them, and informed them that they would have to leave their place of residence because they were sitting on places  of  preservation. (archaeological sites).