Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (photos, reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben Avraham


We crossed Bezek Checkpoint at 10:10.


New greenhouses near the expansion of the settlement of Rotem
(photo: Rachel H., 13.03.2017)


Expansion of the settlement of Rotem: an illegal settlement in the Jordan Valley
(photo: Rachel H., 13.03.2017)  


The valley is green at this time of year and filled with wildflowers in yellow, white, red, and different shades of purple and large thistles.  It is pleasing to see what nature has to offer and saddening to see what the Jewish people are doing here.

El Hemo: We saw that everything was quiet today and we heard nothing aside from what was reported last week. 

On December 15th 2016 we reported an expansion of the settlement of Rotem that is located on the ridge south of the present settlement.  We saw a fenced area and steel frames for greenhouses, trees, people working, some goats, and a dilapidated trailer.   We see that the place has grown since then and there is a flag of the guards in the entrance and new fruit trees have been planted.  There is also a round building that is probably for meetings.

The drive up to Tayasir:  There are a lot of soldiers in the training area south of Hamam el Malich and near the abandoned army camp.  Three planes flew over the area.

We encountered a car from the Red Cross from Jericho on the side of the road and A., who moved to the area following repeated harassment by settlers from Um Zuka and Noam who is in charge of the reserve.   His family lives in Tayasir so that his children will be close to the school.

Tayasir Checkpoint is open.

The village of Akaba is attractive and welcoming as always.

The Alon Route: Soldiers are training on the west side of the road.  The embankment is in place and it is evident that it has been made higher.  

Hamra Junction: There is a woman soldier in the watchtower.   The checkpoint is open and the concrete blocks have been painted in glowing colors.  The bulldozer is parked in the area of the checkpoint.

Um Zuka: Flags of the Kfir Brigade are flying in the entrance to the army camp.  There is also a sign that reads: "Judah Forever, victory begins here."

Further on the new illegal settlement looks like a cattle ranch.  A tractor is spraying saplings, and there is a truck that has been converted to living quarters, two cars, a land rover, and a young man with binoculars.  He tells us that "Elias Movers" is not the name of the place, but is the name of a work place.   There were a lot of cars on the road leading up to the reserve and the army camp.  

We crossed Bezek Checkpoint at 14:10.