Armed settlers from the settlement Yizhar attack members of MachsomWatch in Urif

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Carol Cook, Riva Bachrach, Fathiyah Akfa; Translator: Louise Levi

We reached Urif at 4 p.m. in order to report about the confiscation of village land and its annexation to Yitzhar. A villager named Adel accompanied us. We were standing on a hilltop overlooking the area and listening to Adel's explanation. He told us that the settlers had installed cameras on all the surrounding hills. Soon they would catch sight of us and approach us. Even before he had finished his sentence, we noticed some people moving around on the opposite hill. After a few seconds, six men, five of them veiled and one running with a stick in his hand, were close by.  Immediately, they started showering us with stones. Miraculously, none of us was hurt. We kept bending down to avoid getting hurt. Fast as lightning,  Adel began throwing stones back at them and, on his own, he managed to defeat them. Meanwhile, some young men whom Adקl had called came to keep the settlers away.