'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tayba-Rummana, Tura-Shaked

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Neta Golan, Shuli Bar Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

Why do they open the checkpoint late?  So that we'll be able to sleep a little later (on the delayed opening of Tura – Shaked Checkpoint)

06:00 – 06:20 – Barta'a Reihan Checkpoint – The checkpoint is empty and the few people arriving enter immediately.  Has the checkpoint management found a way to make crossing through the terminal more efficient?  Maybe it is because of Passover, the closureinfo-icon, or the rain.  At any rate, there is no sign of any line.  Today is "good" but before we become too pleased let's remember the tens of thousands of Palestinians here and in other places who perhaps tried but failed to convince the occupiers that they have a good reason to get a paper.   People cannot cross to the seamline zone or to Israel, preventing them from earning a living or managing in other areas of their lives.

A young man who drove people in a car belonging to a relative told us that the Israeli police fined him NIS 1,000 near Bethlehem.  He does not know what to do since it is a huge sum of money for him to pay.  We explained that the sum is liable to increase rapidly and he should take care of the matter quickly.   We told him how to contact Sylvia and Tami and were sad to note that Haya Afek is no longer on the list. 

06:30 at A'anin Checkpoint, an agricultural checkpoint that also serves as a "fabric of life" checkpoint where people who are not farmers are also allowed to cross to the seamline zone.  The checkpoint is also open to residents of A'anin as well.  Most people are farmers and begin to cross to the seamline zone.  We heard complaints about the soldiers who are checking people extremely meticulously.   Perhaps these soldiers are new and are therefore working with exaggerated meticulousness.

Tura – Shaked "Fabric of Life" Checkpoint, 07:00 – There are few people but things are running slowly.  Soon the school children who go to school in Tura will arrive and we will hear children's voices.    

08:00 – Tibeh Romena Agricultural Checkpoint – Here people who are not farmers - even elderly people and women are permitted to cross to places such as Um al Fahem.   Almost everyone was permitted to cross except for a young woman carrying a babyinfo-icon who was sent back.  The woman presented a permit to cross at Barta'a, which is not valid at this checkpoint.  Instead of walking ten minutes to Um Al Fahem, she will have to drive and make a long detour to Barta'a Checkpoint and then continue on to Um Al Fahem.