Rashas, Jordan Valley: duel at mid day

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Arik Asherman, driving, Rita Mendes-Flohr , reporting, and Ada Bilu as well as Adrian, an Australian journalist
נער הגבעות יורד מהמאחז הבלתי חוקי מלאכי השלום לעבר מאהל הרועים הבדואים ברשאש
זה מול זה: נער הגבעות ורועה בדואי מצלמים זה את זה בהפגנתיות

A beautiful day, quiet, even cool, the sheep and goats were able to graze without interruption by the settlers or the army - or by the Im Tirzu fellow who has been showing up recently, bent on provocation.

One of those drop-out youths from the nearby unauthorized outpost The Angels of Peace/ Malachei ha Shalom (sic) drove by on his all terrain vehicle, getting off to demonstratively photograph each of us - but the young Bedouin shepherd with us was not intimidated and photographed him back....

When we arrived, the settler flock was already out in the field, at the place where it would have been difficult for the Bedouin herds to pass without friction. However, the other Bedouin shepherds were already past that place, much further down into the valley, and their sheep were able to graze undisturbed.

On our way back, we drove past the fields of Odeh, to discuss with him how we can accompany him when he harvests his crops the coming week.