Hamra - grazing area is getting smaller and smaller

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Rachel Ab., Rachel Af. report and photos. Translation: Danah E.C

We accompanied Fadel from Lower Hamra, and his cousin Mantasar, who were grazing two herds of the community near Hamra.

Their encampment is surrounded by the Hamra settlement to the east, and Moshe Sharvit's illegal outpost to the west. Thus, by violent force and in the name of the law of the occupier, their grazing area is completely reduced and they can always be accused of trespassing on state lands (Israel!) or whatever definition that suits the occupier at that moment such as invasion of "closed military territory" and so on.

It is very important for the shepherds that we are with them. Without our accompaniment, they are afraid to go far into the remote area where there is still something for the flock to chew on.

A dirt road leaves from Alon Road 578 and crosses the territory to the illegal outpost and is considered by the occupier to be a border for the Palestinian shepherds. During our stay there, a settler came on an ATV to take pictures of the shepherds, and then another car brought photographers who took pictures from a different angle. After that, an ATV from the outpost circled around, ignored us, and went back.

For the shepherds, each of these is a terrifying threat. I saw P. angry as I have never seen him before. He is a gentle and patient man, but utterly exhausted by the situation.

Today the weather was pleasant and they wanted to prolong the time spent in the field and asked us to guard them until they decided to return. and so it was.

The fields are now plowed for sowing. Waiting for the first rain to come and replace the brown thistles with a soft green landscape.