Northern checkpoints: checkpoints, gates, loopholes - what's unnecessary?

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Viewer Neta Golan (reporter and camera) with driver Pierre

There are checkpoints and gatesinfo-icon, but mainly there are breaches in the separation barrier.  Are the checkpoints and gates no longer necessary?

06:00 – Route 611 from Harish to the Barta’a Checkpoint turnoff

There was a booth where coffee was being sold at the entrance to East Barta’a and a few drivers.  Near the tiny Palestinian community of Loxor  many cars were parked that belonged to residents of the West bank who had come to cross the fence to work in Israel.  On the other side of the fence on the sides of Route 611 and the security road  transport vehicles were parked in an orderly manner and were waiting for people to cross through the hole in the security fence.    Further on near the turnoff to Barta’a Checkpoint more cars were parked and waiting for people coming from the security road.

06:20 – Reihan Barta’a Checkpoint, Seamline Zone Side

Despite all the people who were crossing through the holes in the fence, the checkpoint was also full of activity.   Many transport vehicles were parked here and workers were coming out of the terminal through the fenced – in sleeveinfo-icon to meet their transport to work in Israel and the seamline zone.    A few people were waiting under the shed in the corner of the parking lot  

06:35 – Tura – Shaked Checkpoint

The gates of the checkpoint were still closed and would open at 07:00.  Only the driver waiting in his car cared.  The rest were crossing through the hole n the fence.    One of these was a resident of Jenin who worked in the Shahak Industrial Zone nearby.  If he waited for the checkpoint to open he would be late for work.  Crossing through Reihan – Barta’a Checkpoint would cost him money for transport and is not logical.  The Easiest .  The best solution for him is to cross through the hole in the fence – even for those who have a work permit. 

06:50 – A’anin Agricultural Checkpoint

Soldiers from the military police arrived early before 07:00 and opened  the gates of the checkpoint for M. and his son so they could cross with their tractor.  Other residents of A’anin crossed earlier through the nearby hole in the fence  without the help of the soldiers.  

07:10 Um El Fahem,  Entrance near Mai Ami


Many cars were parked near the turnoff from Route 6535 (the road that ascends from Route 65 from Wadi Eron to Mai Ami) to Um El Fahem ).  They were waiting for people who were crossing through a large hold in the fence between A’anin and Um El Fahem.  Many people were crossing and getting into transport vehicles.