Susiya - harassment by settlers

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Tami H. (Reporting), Leah S., Muhammad. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya
סוסיא - מתנחלים מהתנחלות סוסיא בדרכם לתקיפה
סוסיא - עם נסר נוואג'עה
סוסיא - עם עזאם

We went to Susiya, having  heard a report on  what is happening  in the area, from Nasser Nawaj’ah (B'Tselem investigator ), and Azzam, born in Susiya.

Again, a group of stories which testifyy to the increasing intensity of the effort to push out the native inhabitants of Masafer Yatta.

Nasser’s  stories:

The situation is difficult. With the end of Ramadan, they returned to the process of demolishing buildings. They destroyed a concrete floor of a warehouse for building materials, a fence and a room, in A -Zawaydin, to the northeast of Umm al-Kheir (on the way to the Umm Daraj base).

In Khirbet A-Taiba, south of Tarkumiya (east of the Adora settlement, near highway 35), soldiers destroyed 12 water tanks and uprooted 200 olive trees, claiming that this is state land.

Nasser mentions both the point of his report, and news from Mughayer al-Abid, which is east of Havat Ma'on. The army helps the settlers evict the Palestinian residents from a water well which belongs to them; Masked settlers attacked the Palestinian residents in their territories, forcing them to leave; The next morning, a Palestinian resident was arrested - he spent four days in jail and then was released on bail of NIS 4,000; A few days before, settlers arrived and killed two sheep; more and more …

Azzam’s  stories:

We met him in his hut. He says that there is a demolition order for his hut because there is cement between the stones.  They moved him from the old Susiya, expropriated the village lands, his plot and his house.

The photo was sent by Azzam.