'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esty W., Naava E.; Translator: Lousie L.

After four months, we returned as a couple to our old route. The Ramadan fasting was over, the holiday had ended and there was no tension on the roads.

08:00 Oranit: We didn't manage to reach the agricultural gate: Beit Amin 1448//1447. The net gate blocking the passage from the square in Oranit to the security road was locked. Of course, there were no contractors waiting at the junction. (See picture)By the way, the big sign saying Hayim Landau Road was not there any longer.

Since the gate between Oranit and the security road is locked the farmers are unable to cross.
Since the gate between Oranit and the security road is locked the farmers are unable to cross

Shomron Gate: The traffic was flowing.

08: 20 Za'atra/Tapuah: The checkpoint was unmanned and the traffic was flowing. Some soldiers were posted at the settlers' hitchhike stop which was "decorated" with signs calling for a "fight against terrorism". A wide path paved with Ackerstein tiles leads up to the stop. There seems to be a lot of money for the development of the Shomron.

A big road beginning at the square opposite Beita and ending at the square opposite the exit towards Yitzhar/Burin leads through Hawara. The plantations on the dividing line hadn't yet begun but garbage was being collected along the road. Eventually, there might even be a sidewalk.

Yitzhar/Burin: There were no army vehicles in the bay west of the highway.

At the Huwwara checkpoint soldiers were going up to the pool near the stop for hitchhikers. At the turn to the regiment two shielded soldiers stopped a Palestinian vehicle. One soldier explained us that Palestinians are not allowed to drive on Madison Route. The other silenced him telling him not to talk to us.

Awarta: We were sorry to find the yellow barrier locked again. There was no army presence on Madison Route or opposite Itamar even though hitchhikers were waiting at the stop.

09:05 Beit Furik: The checkpoint tower was unmanned and there were no soldiers on the road. The development of the village was progressing and new roads were being paved.

09:15 Huwwara checkpoint:The checkpoint was unmanned. Again, a Palestinian car was detained on Madison Route. In the direction of Burin, a settler was trying to catch a lift. A shielded soldier was keeping watch.

"One soldier for every settler"

Yitzhar/Burin: No army presence.

In Huwwara, the traffic was flowing.  Unlike former visits, this time we didn't see any army vehicles in ambush along the main road.

09:30 Za'atra/Tapuah: An Israeli police car was parking nearby but the check posts were unmanned and the traffic was flowing.

Shomron Gate: The traffic was flowing.