Anin checkpoint. Chelm checkpoint.. There is no end to foolishness'

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Neta G. and  Hannah H. (reporting and photography) Marcia L.,  Translation

15:00 – 17:00


On Highway 611—next to Barta’a Checkpoint, a car with workers returning from their jobs in Israel stopped, and the workers crossed through the breach in the fence next to the West Bank.


15:15 – Tura -Shaked Checkpoint

It is very quiet and there aren’t any people crossing at this hour.  In Daher-al-Malec village, we are witness to Israeli-Palestinian cooperation when roads within the village were covered with gravel stones that came from the excavations of the Shaked settlement.


15:30 – Anin Checkpoint

M., his son, and a. tractor, wait for soldiers to open the checkpoint.  Five other farmers, who left in the morning for work, already returned home through the breach next to the locked gate.


Many new buildings were constructed in Anin and also in Palestinian villages in the Seamline Zone.  M. tells us that those who work in Israel, succeed in saving in order to build.


A new chapter in the IDF’s delusional proceeding at this checkpoint:

In front of the locked gate are yellow metal pillars that protrude from the ground. According to M., some time ago, car thieves were discovered who cut the lock and fled to the West Bank with the stolen Israeli car.  The rollers are supposed to prevent a vehicle from crossing. Piles of stones have also been placed next to the wide breach in order to prevent vehicles from crossing, but they also allow for easy passage for pedestrians. We already reported in the past on sawing the lock and stopping passage at the checkpoint. Now it appears that the soldiers saw the car smuggled and shot at the Palestinians, one of whom was injured and taken to HaEmek Hospital in Afula where they amputated his leg.


The soldiers arrived at 15:40, released two rollers, and opened the gate for M.’s tractor.  The soldiers remained calm and we left.


All along the roads on which we proceed from checkpoint to checkpoint—also in the Seamline Zone and in Area C that is beyond Barta’a Checkpoint (the road to Mevo Dotan)- new lighting pillars were placed.  We pass Barta’a Checkpoint and see many workers returned from work in Israel and the Seamline Zone.  From Jenin residents of Barta’a are compelled to cross by foot in the heat, via the vehicle checkpoint because the terminal is closed afternoons.  We pass the grocery in Amricha, which is already stocked with sweets and games in honor of the holiday of Eid al-Adha.


Ya’bed-Dotan Checkpoint – Many cars arrive from Tulkarm and Barta’a checkpoints traveling to Jenin (including a Palestinian car that arrived from the settlements).  The passage is quick.


16:35 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

The parking lots are full and no vehicles are parked by the side of the road (the threat of fines did its job).  Our acquaintance,  B., who works in the carpet factory, tells us that many factories in Shahak are closed; also the carpet factory was closed.  Ninety people were let go and only 11 found work in another factory.  Tens of workers continue to arrive at the checkpoint and cross to the West Bank.  Among them are a few women from Barta’a who leave to visit in Jenin