Jordan Valley

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting). Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
בקעת הירדן: המאחז מדרום לכביש העולה להתנחלות רותם
Jordan Valley: the outpost south of the road going up to the settlement of Rotem.
Rachel Hyut
בקעת הירדן: מחסום חמרה
Jordan Valley: Hamra Checkpoint
Rachel Hyut

We crossed Bezek Checkpoint at 10:30.  The position opposite people traveling south was empty.  Usually there is someone there who is pointing a weapon at the people passing through.


A lot of people and vehicles are present.  After talking with the people we learned that they were waiting for the U.N. to distribute flour, lentils, beans, and oil.  A U.N. representative told us that he had already been in neighboring communities near the Tayasir Checkpoint and Makhul. He knows that there is not a large amount to be distributed but that it is nevertheless helpful.

The Settlement of Rotem

There was a lot of traffic near the two houses located in the outpost south of the road going up to the settlement. There was also a container that we had not seen before.  In the upper outpost south of Rotem we saw a horse but no people moving about. There was a building outside the fence of the outpost. Today it was open and it appeared to be a metal shop.  A man and boy were standing next to it and it looked like the junk outside had been organized.

The Alon Route

Unfortunately the embankment is still there.  There are plowed fields east of the embankment and in the settlement of Roi there was a new vineyard.  The army training grounds were empty.  Everywhere there were green leaves of chives waiting for the rain to come.

Hamra Checkpoint

The cement blocks had been painted white with orange stripes.  The bulldozer was in its usual place. The buildings are falling apart and some no longer have a roof.

We visited the three families at Khalat Makhul. Each of them spoke about December 24th and were hoping that the demolition orders would not be carried out.  People are waiting for the rain to make the fields green so they would not have to buy fodder for their flocks. 

The Tayasir Checkpoint


We crossed the Bezek Checkpoint at 13:30.  We were asked how we were doing and reported that we were doing well.  Aside from a jeep and a soldier standing at the junction leading to Um Zika we did not see any military personnel.