Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935), Habla, Jayyus

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Elite R., Mathilde and Sebastien journalists from France, Karin L. (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

An extended shift with explanation about the separation obstacle, the enclaves and the settlements in order to enable the guests to get acquainted with the seamline zone, after the tour they registered for had been cancelled.

11:15 The Hani gate, this time without the appearance of the police or the settlers, just misery about the heap of garbage that is piling up and which completely blocks the approach to the Palestinian olive trees for which the gate is being opened during the olive picking season. This year we did not succeed to get any information about when, if at all, the gate would be opened.

11:30 Oranit CP. Last time when we were there we were told that it would be opened at 14:30.  It was good to clarify this and to arrive for a short shift.

12:40 After a visit with Z. who was happy to receive tools and electrical and electronic instruments, we arrived at the Falamiya North (914) CP. A few tractors are waiting beyond the fence. The soldiers arrive a few minutes too late. When the people pass they stop to greet us. One who looks about 45 years old, tells us that he has a permit for two years and that now he obtained one for his son too. He has a lemon grove. Another, on foot, gets excited about the French visitors. His son who joins us a few minutes later with the tractor, has studied French and French literature at the An-Najjah university but can’t find work and works with his father at the family plot.

It transpires that at night the gate is opened very late, after 18:00. They first open at Jayyus

A happy meeting in French between university graduates and French journalists
A happy meeting in French between university graduates and our French journalists
Karin L.

Some other tractors and carts pass, we continue explaining about the plots which were returned for more intensive processing, after the fence had been moved westwards.

13:05 Falamiya South\Jayyus West (935) CP. A few young men with full sacks wait near us, on the other side there is a tractor. The military car arrives. It waits till 13:15 to open.

Tractors and people pass in both directions, all are from Jayyus. Suddenly a cart harnessed to a donkey and driven by a child arrives. He came to fetch his big brother, all from Arab A-Ramadin (near Tzofin) who work on the “Palestinian side”. They load the goods and return home.


 The cart will return to Arb A-Ramadin
The cart will return to Arb A-Ramadin
Karin L.

We continued by way of Jiyus to Alfey Menashe for the books on the conclave and the change of the fence route, and then to the Habla CP, after its closing.