Accompanying shepherds Hamra area: Attempt to attack failed!

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Hagar Geffen (report, photos), another accompanier

At first our accompaniment went well. We climbed with the flock to the hilltops, met a fancy insect on the way, and looked down at the entire region. The shepherd’s hawk-eyes detected from afar the ranch-outpost settler-colonist walking towards the flock, the shepherd and us – the accompaniers.

We stood around the shepherd, our phones at the ready for documenting whatever would happen. We now have a video showing the settler-colonist’s breaking into the flock in an attempt to disperse it, his rough words to the shepherd and the attempt to attack him, while we block him with our body, him and the shepherd. He tried to hurt us too but not too successfully. Other settler-colonists from the ranch joined his effort to disperse the Palestinian flock.

We photographed them the whole time. Until they all ran off, literally – with their pick-up truck and ATV. Thus, we gathered that our mates (shepherd accompaniers elsewhere) hurried to make contact with army and police echelons.

Not always has showing the video to the Israeli army and police really helped. Perhaps our growing involvement and presence-ing the events to them directly have begun to take effect.

At the end of our accompanier shift we drove to lodge a complaint with the Binyamin police against the violent settler-colonist. At 3:30 p.m. we were done.