Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

9:45 Rain. The parking lot is full of cars, the waiting room full of people. A
father, who arrived with his two sons (10, 13), said that soldiers came to his home at 02:00 and ordered the children to come to a meeting with the GSS in the morning. The children, small and thin, looking younger than their years, are suspected of throwing stones. The father said he was never in prison and that his children never threw stones. We spoke with our friend H. and she said that since the children are minors, the father can be with them while they are being interrogated, and she advised him to insist on staying with them. We spoke with Amira Hess, the journalist, and shortly thereafter a lawyer from the Prisoners Welfare called the father and talked to him. The frightened father calmed down a little. It is likely, he and the children will remain traumatized for life. We were again reminded that there is no need for the Palestinian Authority's to incite for hatred of Israel.

Some people came to us and complained bitterly that shortly after they got permits for six months, the permits were taken away.

A young man, whose wife is hospitalized in Jerusalem and is about to undergo surgery today, said that on Thursday he asked for a permit to be by her side at the hospital – but did not get it. With Hannah’s assistance it turned out that he was handled by D., the coordinator of the Civil Administrationinfo-icon's Health Section, and that he would get an answer soon, but it was uncertain whether it would be a positive one.

A man who arrived after him showed us a note that summoned him to the police at 09:00. We know from experience that this is an invitation to a meeting with GSS. The soldier on duty did not know and sent him to the police-station at the top of the hill, and from there he was sent back. They explained to him that this was a GSS summons…