Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Madama, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Carol Cook and Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

13:00 – Habla – the gate was opened at 13:15 and closed at 14:00 – a quarter of an hour less.

13:30 – Azzun – at the entrance there is a jeep and soldiers around it.

13:45 – Jit intersection – two jeeps and around them about ten soldiers standing on the road and disturbing the traffic.

14:00 – Madama, the western entrance – soldiers closed the entrance (an iron gate) and didn’t allow us to enter. When we asked why the answer was – because.

But Doha explained to us that the purpose was that the inhabitants of Madama, Burin and Til wouldn’t be allowed the approach to their plots.

Doha told us that a week ago ettlers came down from Har Berakha which is situated on the eastern side of Burin, attacked the house with stones in the presence of soldiers who didn’t hesitate from throwing tear-gas bombs. The family was confined in their house for over two hours. Doha took us to this house, it was locked.  But the house looked from the outside like a prison – the windows, the terrace and the entrance door made of thick iron and over it there was grating. 

15:30 – Beit Furik – at the exact moment we arrived the soldiers began manning the CP.

15:35 – Huwwara – a CP at the intersection of the Huwwara Yitzhar road near the square. When we entered Huwwara on the main road, there were four army jeeps at the entrance to the Qintaqi Restaurant and about twenty soldiers descended from them and entered the restaurant. Three remained outside and stood with drawn guns. We decided to descend and to enter the restaurant to check what was happening. There were many guests at the restaurant who didn’t seem to mind that the soldiers were standing at the corners with drawn guns. We asked one of the restaurant workers what that meant, and he said that the soldiers entered the restaurant brutally and asked him to show them where the computers of the cameras which controlled the restaurant were situated. One of the soldiers stood wearing a strange mask on his face, his gun was drawn, he was watching over the door of the room in which the computers were stored. Half an hour later three men and one woman came out of the room wearing coveralls with bulletproof vests. In the room there remained two men. We assumed that they were General Security Services men. They came out, talked with the soldiers and re-entered the room. I asked one of the soldiers what was happening and the answer was – I cannot answer.

16:35 – At the entrance to Beta there were a few soldiers and an army vehicle (now I read in today’s Alaytahad newspaper that yesterday the Beta inhabitants went out to their plots to plant olive trees, army forces arrived and dispersed the people with tear gas and many people suffocated from that. The Settlers have put a few caravans on these lands. It seems to be the establishments of a new Settlement).

Za’tara – all the positions are manned.