'Azzun, Far'un

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Rony P., Shoshi A. (reporting and photographing). Translator:  Charles K.

After hearing about theft of land in Far’oun, we drove there to speak with S.

‘Azzun was our first stop, to leave parcels at Z.’s shop.  The army harasses the residents of ‘Azzun “only” occasionally.  Military jeeps drive through the streets and cars entering and leaving are stopped.  Random inspections.  Today was quiet.

We meet S. at the Far’oun municipality, and a council member and the council secretary join us later. 

On Sunday, 12.3.17, at 07:45, when the first farmers went through the checkpoint they found two pages on their land weighted down by a stone.  That’s how the army notifies citizens that their land has been stolen.  How long have the pages been lying there?   No one knows.  Since Friday?  Saturday?

The Judea and Samaria commander, General Rony Noma, notifies the residents of Far’oun that the army had decided to take over 177.46 dunums.  The block and lot numbers are specified, and perhaps the third page, that’s missing, contained a sketch or a map.  Who knows?  (I have photos of the pages)

The reason:  Security, of course.  To prevent anti-Israel activity.

The decree will come into effect on 31.12.2019 (that’s what it says!  It’s not a mistake.)

The landowners may file an objection via the Israeli DCL within seven days.  (When do they start counting the days?)  How is it possible to get organized within a few days?  How can they prove ownership of the land?  Much work is required to obtain confirming documents from the tabu – land registry. Meanwhile, the residents of Far’oun haven’t done anything.  A., the council’s accountant, is on vacation.

Later they learned other villages rhad eceived the same notice:  Al Jaroshiyya, Kafin, Deir el Ghusun, Zeita and maybe others.

Meanwhile, two days ago the Palestine Government was contacted but they haven’t yet received a reply. As Dror Etkes thought, some have been aware of the decree since 2002, and for others it’s news.

Communication between the Palestinian DCL and the Israeli DCL breaks down only on matters relating to requests for permits to work land in the seam zone.  Communication about other topics proceeds normally.  Why?  No one knows.

Yesterday and today the Palestinians submitted requests directly to the Israeli DCL and they were accepted.  They were told to return Sunday to receive the response.  We’ll follow up.