Report in Corona time: settler-colonists and dogs of Havat Maon attack shepherds and sheep

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Hagit Back delivers phone reprt from the South Hebron Hills, translated by Tal Haran


N. tells me that on the Passover holiday, settler-colonists of Havat Maon, close to the Palestinian village of Kihrbet Tawane in the South Hebron Hills rampaged Palestinians. They ventured out of their outposts with dogs that chased the sheep and scattered them. Fellows from the village came to help the shepherds, and two sides were gathered – settler-colonists against Palestinians. The army separated between the sides, but without Palestinian detaineesinfo-icon this time.

Usually only Palestinians are arrested when settler-colonists attack them. The police and army did not arrest settler-colonists either.

N. says this happens nearly every day now.

On Road 317 the police and army are putting up many flying checkpoint (surprise check-posts) in order to prevent unnecessary traffic. The Palestinian village councils prevent entry to villages from anyone not residing in them. In the meantime food is still available.