South Hebron Hills - all the checkpoints on the road are blocked and closed

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya
דרום הר חברון - כל הכניסות לכפרים חסומות
א-תוואני - מתנחלים מחוות מעון מתקרבים לכפר

We passed the checkpoint and saw a large group of people. We went to check what was happening and we found after speaking to a group of Palestinians from Dahariya that today about 100 prisoners are being released from prisons in Israel. But they would maybe have to wait an hour, two hours or more, until they reach the crossing.

Further along Route 60, we met Farhan from Simia who informed us that the holiday period had been very sad.

The army closed all entrances and exits to the villages; therefore, they were unable to celebrate with all the families in Simia and Samu’.

The army took the keys of vehicles when the drivers tried to pass through a checkpoint and get the road, and the keys have still not been returned.

The whole situation has changed recently, in addition to the fact that there are no jobs for many people and no way to earn a living. Pupils only come to school one day a week and, on the days, they don't come to school, they study in Zoom.

All the checkpoints on the road are blocked and closed. We returned to road 317 where all the entrances are also closed.

On the way, Nasser from At-Tuwani called Muhammad and reported to him that settlers from Havat Ma'on had come with their sheep and cows and tried to enter the village.  The army arrived and expelled them two hours later.