Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935), Jayyus, Khirbet 'Isla Checkpoint) 1231

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Tzvia S., Annelien Kisch, Rachel A.; Guest: Divvi; Translator: Louise L.

Agricultural Gatesinfo-icon – Falamiya North and South – Jayyus – Isla – Azzun,

General information

All gates opened on time. A small number of workers crossed without any problems. The soldiers' behavior was rude, towards us.  

From Jayyus South to Nebi  Eliyas a new gravel road has been built along the eastern side of the fence, so now the drive south to Isla (and on to Isbet Tabib) is short and quick.

Falamiya North – 914

5:49 – The gate opened.  About 60 workers crossed. 8 tractors.

A. told us that there had been no response from the DCO regarding the change of the opening hour in spite of the promise to respond.

Falamiya South (Jayyus) – 935

6:30 – The gate opened. The same soldiers from the Military Police, and this time they were terribly and shockingly aggressive and rude towards us. We sent a complaint to Hanna with pictures of the male and female soldiers.

We asked the workers if the hour of return at the end of the day suits them and they said yes, at about 18:00. Evidently, this is the reason why it is complicated to change the hour at Falamiya North.

6:50 – About 20 workers crossed. 8 tractors.

Jayyus South – 1012

7:12 – There were no Palestinians at the crossing.

The same 4 Machsomwatch women facing the same 4-6 soldiers from the Military Police. No contact was created between the sides.

Isla – 1231

7:45 – 1 tractor and 2 workers.