The soldiers leave live ammunition on the ground, the fine for pick it up is 3000 shekels

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Rina Tzur (Reporting) with Guest Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

We are amazed and shocked at the severity of fines for various crimes imposed by the military court in Salem.  During our visit we were told about someone from the area who was found carrying 50 spent rifle cartridges that he planned to sell to a metal dealer.  He was He was tried at the military court in Salem and he received the same sentence as the person who stole a watermelon two weeks ago: a fine of NIS 3,000.  During the previous incident, however,  the attorney convinced the judge to lower the fine.  That incident involved two brothers, and the family was forced to pay twice the amount on the watermelon. 

There was nothing besides this to report because there were no soldiers at any of the checkpoints.