Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal



The parking lot was full. There were about a hundred people in the hall, and a large group was pushed next to the turnstile. Outside, too, people were waiting. The reasons for the crowdedness were apparently two: 1. Hebron’s DCL was closed and those in need of its services were forced to come to the Etzion DCL. 2. The particularly slow work of the soldiers in Etzion, whose job it is to serve those waiting.

A 30-year-old woman who is GSS prevented has an MA and was offered a job at a university in Jerusalem, but she is unable to get a work permit in Israel. The problem is: her brother was killed by IDF forces. She has another problem: a four-year-old girl who is disabled. Her West Bank caregivers recommended physiotherapy treatments at the institute affiliated with Mokassed Hospital in Jerusalem. She could not obtain an entry permit to Jerusalem for this purpose. We advised her to get a letter from the hospital in the West Bank that will specify the child’s ailments and explain why she cannot be treated there and that she has to be treated in Jerusalem. When she receives the letter, she should make an appointment for treatment in Jerusalem, and two weeks before the day of treatment, she must come to DCL and ask for a transit permit to Jerusalem. Hannah B. advised her to stand up to the soldier in DCL who will most likely reject her request to enter Jerusalem automatically and request him to send her documents to the Beit El DCL.

Something was going on in the waiting hall. It turned out that despite the arrival of many people in need of a meeting with the police, the policemen on duty was in his place only for a short time, and without explanation he got up and left. A person who approached us said that he was told at DCL that he was not GSS or police prevented, and yet he was stripped of his permit to work in Jerusalem. In order to obtain a new permit, he brought DCL a letter from an employer informing that he wanted to employ him. At Etzion DCL they ordered him to submit the letter to the Palestinian DCL.

We were approached by other people whose passage permit was suddenly taken away from them and they found themselves GSS prevented. We explained the procedure for removing the prevention.