Tarkumiya CP - helping to pay a fine

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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
חברון - איש התמרהינדי
כרזות בחברון

We drove through the Tarkumiya checkpoint this time, Late in the morning, everything is as usual.

The parking lot on the Palestinian side is very busy and indicates a very large number of workers coming in every morning to work in Israel.

We met with a person who, on behalf of a friend, asked for our help in paying  a fine to the Ministry of Justice.

The man must pay for the defence he received at his trial as an illegal worker because he is not allowed to enter Israel to pay it.  We did this service for him. We received the money and went to the postal bank in Kiryat Arba and paid the money for him.

On the way at the Shuyukh junction, manned cement blocks on both sides of the road. Soldiers stand with weapons drawn.

In Hebron, we tried to enter the Kafisha neighbourhood, to our acquaintance at the grocery store. The yellow checkpoint remains blocked for us. A smiling and embarrassed Nahal soldier tells us that a new directive from this morning forbids those who are not armed to enter the neighbourhood on the Zion axis. Our attempts at persuasion and calling the company commander did not help. It is forbidden.

A "new" directive that we have been hearing for months.

As usual, the army puts the cart before the horse. Time did not allow for a longer stay in Hebron, so we took a motorized tour of this ghost town.  As always, full of posters about its sanctity and historical importance to the people of Israel, and also along the axis of the worshipers, all the cement blocks are "decorated" with a painting of the Israeli flag. I took a few photos to illustrate the unique settler aesthetics of this city.