Quiet shepherds accompanying in Samara

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Rachel A. of the Palestinian Jordan Valley Coalition, Nina S. – MachsomWatch

It was a calm, quiet day – luckily there are some of those too

We came in the morning, as planned, to Fauzi’s encampment. After a nice breakfast, we went out to graze with the flock. This time we arrived at an area that lies along the fence of a nearby Israeli army base. It’s an area usually not grazed because the army, as the shepherd told us, would chase them away. Because we joined this time, the flock could graze there. And indeed, there was plenty of hay and straw that the animals love to eat. Slowly we progressed along this grazing ground until we returned to the flock’s dwelling at noontime.

Before we returned the sheep got the water which was pumped for them with exhausting labor – from a well on the way. The pumping is usually done by letting a pail with a rope fall into the well, taking up the pail every time and pouring its content into a trough. The shepherd pulled up the pail dozens of times – very exhausting work. The sheep and goats were glad, and so was the donkey that joined us all the way.