Gochya, Hamra (Beqaot), Jordan Valley, Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachel Hayut (photos, report); Translator: Tal H.


10:30 Bezeq Checkpoint. We crossed.

Rotem Settlement: we photographed the new settlement growing on the northern slope. We ascended with the road, not entering the settlement but turning south along the range. Apparently the military location that preceded the civilian settlement was in thei area south of the current settlement. East of there we saw a fenced-in area with trees, several goats, and people working, as well as an old run-down caravan. To our question they replied that they belong to Rotem Settlement and asked us emphatically not to approach the caravan because it is private and that should be respect in their own yard.

The ascent to Tyassir: next to the army camp, soldiers wait for transport.
In the training area in the ravine south of Hamam Al Malih a military vehicle is seen stuck in the mud.

Tyassir Checkpoint: the road is clean and shiny both due to the rains and especially after the cleaning activity we witnessed prior to the maneuvers. The dumpster is gone, below the watchtower a military vehicle is parked, and two soldiers are present. We continued towards Al Aqaba village.

Allon Road: north of the army camp we noticed paving works. The people (from Hebron) working at the site on behalf of the Israeli electricity company said that one of the electricity poles fell and they are paving the road so it is accessible for repair work.

Around Gokhia Gate: lots of mud, the earthen dikes are in place, here and there run down (soon to be fixed by the evil forces at work in the area).

Hamra Junction (12:35): the junction is deserted, a woman-soldier lookout is seen on the watchtower.

We returned via the Jiftlik and road 90.

Twice Amona shall not fall” (paraphrasing the old adage on Massada) – we saw this slogan on a single banner (not more) on a fence at Shadmot Mekhola settlement.

Bezeq Checkpoint (13:15) – we crossed back into Israel.