Update during Corona: Burin: The village under daily settler and military attacks

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Telephone report to Amira Ithiel

Yesterday, Monday March 16, D. and M. sent me photos of homes under clouds of grenade smoke, Jewish settler-colonists planting trees, throwing stones, and Israeli soldiers hanging out throughout Bourin village, and finally an ambulance.

This morning I received more detailed information. According to them: yesterday, Monuday, March 16, 2020, at 3:30 p.m. settler-colonists around the settler-colonist outpost of Giv’at Ronen (east of Bourin village) planted saplings in land belonging to Bourin villagers. Children of the village approached the planters, the army believed they were throwing stones and began to fire teargas at the homes. Numerous homes in the eastern part of the village were targeted.

More army forces arrived and entered the village. The villagers began to throw stones at them. The soldiers retaliated with teargas and stun grenades, and rubber-coated ammunition.

Three youngsters were wounded by this ammunition and were rushed to hospital by ambulance. M. is not aware of their condition so far. He claims this kind of thing happens nearly every day.

Apparently these days we should contact Palestinians whom we know from villages, checkpoints, nurseries etc. to get a picture of what is happening on the ground when all of us, both they and us, are under lockdown.