The school in Zenuta

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Michal (reporting and photographing). Guest: Semadar Becker; Translator: Natanya
ית הספר בזנותא

We went on road 317 to Zenuta to visit the lovely school Fatma had established. It is called challenge 7. This is a call to build schools throughout the West Bank so that small children will not walk kilometers and cross a dangerous road.

We also wanted to see the new roadblocks that had recently been put in place,  would  mostly disrupt the routine of the shepherds and the farmers who would not be able move to their fields and grazing areas.

This is for pure evil and the desire to make them aware of who is sovereign here and that they will leave the area to the settlers and their settlements. There is no other explanation.

There are fresh earth barriers next to the pillbox and the settlement Mitzpe Yair and opposite the village of Qawawis.

There is also a big block on the way to El Karmil near Susiya. In front of Dirat there is a new pillbox.

New roadblocks are also near the Zif junction. At the entrance to Samo' cameras are being put up and at the viewpoint of the settlemet Eshtamoa are two new caravans. An expansion after the elections and it is only the beginning probably .