Qaddum - The weekly demonstration

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Raia Y. transfers a telephone report. Translator: Charles K.

The day after Nakba Day, as the end of Ramadan approached, soldiers arrived, highly motivated, and loaded with ammunition.

Again live-fire amid the residents’ homes, again damage to water tanks, shots destroyed a security camerainfo-icon installed on one of the houses and a volley of tear gas canisters ignited a fire in M.’s yard.  He was forced to cut off the electrical supply to avoid damage to the building.

Two days ago, early in the morning, two young men were arrested while they were preparing to eat before beginning the day’s fast.

The situation in Qaddum has been tense in recent weeks.

Repairing water tanks damaged by soldiers shooting at them every week is very expensive, and leads to even greater frustration and anger in the midst of the difficult economic situation caused by the corona crisis.