Umm Darit - invading settlers: we came to drink coffee at your place, we will return at night"

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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing) with Muhammad (in a 4x4 vehicle); Translator: Natanya
שעב אל בוטום - ככה נראית החסימה מאז 7.10 שמחייבת אותנו ואת אנשי המקום לעשות עקיפה מאריכת דרך
אום דארית - ארוחת צהריים במשפת ג'בארין

"We came to drink coffee at your place, at night we will come again," said four settlers who invaded the Jabarin family home in Umm Darit in the area of Sha'ab el Butum.

Before we visited them to hear the story and find out how to help, we went to the Tarkumiya checkpoint at the request of Raya, to see what was left of the pogrom of the settlers where they had destroyed quantities of food that were sent by order of the State of Israel to help Gaza.

Today it is crowded and loaded with trucks. Routine. Everything was cleaned. Only remnants of sugar like snow after a storm remained on the side of the road and a dead jute sack that contained rice yesterday was thrown on the road.

The drivers say they were there yesterday as well, but the police chased them away when the rioters' destruction forces arrived. We continued from there on Route 35 towards Hebron and south on Route 60.

The intersection between Idna and Tarkumiya is closed with cemented concrete sacks. When we passed, they were not staffed.

At the entrance to the quarry in front of the Adora settlement is a yellow gate. Next to that a sign: The spring of Adora. Again, an example of the appropriation of Palestinian springs. Lords of the land, marking their territory. Later, between the settlements, a new and impressive military post will be put for Adora, on which the Israeli flag flies. At the entrance to Kiryat Arba, soldiers in the post installed in the middle of the road in addition guarding the hitching post there.

At the junction of Route 356 and Route 60 a soldier who appears to be hiding among the trees. I would hide too if they put me there alone. Reason and responsibility did not return to the IDF, despite everything.

At the Zif intersection, at the Yatta turnoff, the checkpoint/yellow gate was open.

On the road at the foot of Mitzpe Avigayil, a little before the dirt road, where the Jabarin family will soon find a new and impressive post in its different design with a flag of course.

We arrived after being exposed to the horrific videos that our friends from there sent us with the invasion of the hooligans, who invited themselves for a cup of coffee. We bought them necessities, thanks to your donations.

Leila says that yesterday when the settlers arrived, they actually only stayed for about fifteen minutes. P., a brave family member, answered them that there is no coffee here. Muhammad, the father of the family, told them he was calling the police. For some reason this discouraged them and they left, not before announcing that they would also come to drink coffee at night.

Later, the military personnel arrived dressed in IDF uniforms. They took details and photographs taken by volunteers who have been staying with them lately and who accompany the Palestinians even when they go to graze the sheep. The father was told to come the following day to lodge the complaint, which he did. When we arrived, he still hadn't returned. When he did arrive, he showed us the paper confirming the filing of the complaint.

Of course, we understand from the wording that this is mainly a “cash register” paper and nothing will actually be done.

We asked the family members how the night went, did the "guests" also come at night to drink coffee? So no, they didn't keep their promise. They just drove their ATV back and forth for about half an hour, made noise and left without getting any coffee.

We met volunteers who spent the night with them plus family members who come to be with them during the scary nights.

Then these were replaced for the next night's shift by two from Operation Dove, the Italian organization that advocates non-violent resistance, which has been in the area for many years and deals a lot with accompanying the children to the school in At-Tuwani and escorting shepherds.

Laila always insists on feeding us and we honour her. A kind woman, lively and we can learn from her.