Tura checkpoint: The works to expand the Shaked settlement are advanced

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Hagar D. and Hannah H. Marcia L, Translation

14:45 – 16:05


14:45 – Highway 611

Near the checkpoint, six people pass through the breach in the fence in two directions. In the nearby shooting range, there is military activity, and we heard that occasionally, the military crosses the road, and passage at the breach is delayed a bit.

15:00 – Barta’a Checkpoint

Most of the seamstresses already crossed through and only a few women still hurry from the Seamline Zone to the West Bank.  Tens of workers return home from Israel and the Seamline Zone.  Two of them, who are prohibited from crossing, receive the note with Sylvia’s details.  A family with children arrives from Jenin but passes through the vehicle checkpoint (a long road with no protection from the shade).  Passage via the terminal is not working.

15:30 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

Three women from Umm Reihan return from a doctor’s visit in Jenin with many purchases.  Ten workers return to the West Bank from a day’s work. Another four from Daher al Malek pass through to Ya’bed to work with charcoal.  There is a center for packaging local and imported charcoal in Ya’bed.  A number of cars pass in two directions and the crossing is fast.

Building a fence that will surround the settlement of Shaked that will choke Daher al Malek, is advancing, and building materials have already been brought to the site.

15:55 – Anin Checkpoint

The soldiers are already there, along with two tractors and three people who wait in vain; there is no key! The exit gate from the checkpoint is closed!

At 16:05 the tractors are sent home via the security road that runs along the separation fence.  Only a black dog from Anin passes through freely and hurries through the breach in the fence.  In a wide gap next to the gate is a big pile of stones.  The military invested a lot of work there, but they didn’t seal the breach.