Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Ariela and Michal (reporting and photographing). Guest: Semadar Becker; Translator: Natanya

On Route 60, there is nothing new happened except at Dura  al-Fawwar.  At  9.30 am soldiers delay and check

In Hebron just like Hebron.

We were happy to see the people of Breaking the Silence leading a large group of visitors. Ofer Ohana of course next to them and taking pictures.

We went to ask after Idris, who was stabbed two weeks ago near the spring and his son was arrested as we reported at length. He has almost recovered from the stab wounds. We phoned for him to the information center of the Israel Police. They told him they had updates. He did not know how to get it. The transmission of the information is so cumbersome and confusing that even we could hardly follow the recorded instructions until twe reached a human voice.

Dealing with Arabs and there is no information in Arabic. Why ?

Sorry, we are told, no information available.The subject is still being dealt with . The 3 Jewish attackers were arrested and released under restrictive conditions.

Everything else is still being dealt with.

Idris is certain of the righteousness of his claim and wants to file for damages.

Again he tells us at length the historic rescue of the Jews by his family and again is hurt by the attitude of some of the settlers and the army to him even though everyone knows about his actions and nobility.

We have already told us about the yeshiva student who was almost lynched without Idris. And the son of Anat Cohen who disappeared in the Casbah and Idris found him and brought him home safely.  Then all he got in return were the woman shouting at him and humiliation

"Is this the thanks I get? But I will continue to be a person without hatred," he says.