Hebron: I am ashamed

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Pnina and Hagit (report and photos)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Deir Razek village is situated on road 60, south of Hebron. At the entrance to the village stands a large sign warning against Israeli citizens entering Area A. For whoever does not remember, or has forgotten, or doesn’t know – Area A is supposed to be under full Palestinian civil and security control. Area B is under supposedly Palestinian civil control and Israeli security control. Area C is supposedly under both civil and security Israeli control, with the Palestinians providing education and health services.

This morning we happened to arrive at the village of Deir Razek. We were on our way to Hebron when we saw heavy engineering equipment and 7 Border Police vehicles and policemen. All of these had come to the village to demolish a bus garage that belongs to a Hebron resident. The question is how the Israeli army is allowed to demolish a structure it considers “illegal” and is situated inside Area A??

The answer: the Israeli army can do it because it is the occupier and holds the power to do so.

And why do it with such evil brutality, and dig holes in the ground so that the equipment there cannot be repaired or maintenance? And why do it while all the schoolchildren are watching? Is this the way to raise the next generation of terrorists? We hear the narrative and cannot do a thing to stop it.

On our way to Hebron we see the large army jeep with the flag rushing at the Dura Al Fawar Junction on its way to protect the heavy demolition machinery. This time they are demolishing vegetable monger stands and digging potholes so that cars will not be able to stop by and purchase vegetables directly from the field.

Every Jewish Israeli mother should know what ‘defense’ missions her children are sent to perform. Long live the occupying State of Israel.

I am ashamed