Nabi Ilyas

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Raya Y. (reporting), Pitzi S. (photographing, except the photo showing the tree being uprooted). Translator:  Charles K.

Our shift hadn’t been planned; it followed news of olive trees being cut down in Nabi Elias (this report is late because the report and the photos had been sent to the media in hope they’d be published.  Apparently this hope was abandoned).

We met S. in Muhammad’s restaurant; he went with us to show the damaged trees.​

nebi elias 3.JPG

Here’s what he told us: "they cut down 150 of my trees, my source of income."  He said he has documents confirming that he owns the land.  He now barely makes a living from sporadically providing transportation, earning about NIS 100 a day.  That has to suffice for his wife and seven children.

(The day before yesterday we ran into him again near the restaurant, doing nothing.  He must have been waiting to see whether anyone needs a ride…).

He’s the same as before:  “It’s the will of Allah.”

nebi elias 2.JPG

We referred him to Yesh Din; we were informed they’re looking into it.

At the restaurant, we were joined by a settler from Ma’aleh Shomron.  When we told her why we’d come she didn’t believe Jews would cut down trees belonging to Palestinians.  And she believed what she was saying.

nebi elias 1_0.JPG