Habla - the checkpoint was closed early. People who came on time were not let through

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Carol Cook, Fathiyah (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

13:45 Habla, the checkpoint closed at 14:05, 10 minutes before its time.  A few people arrived at the closureinfo-icon time and were not allowed to go in.

14:25 Jit Junction, the position was manned and a military jeep stood at the junction.

14:50  Burin:  on Tuesday, 15.01, a settler from Har Brakha came down in a tractor and entered into the area next to a house which was located to the NE.  He started to plow the area.  Of course, no one dared to approach him.  Also from the settlement of Izhar people came and flattened the ground on the North, the land of Madma, Burin and Huwarra.  The placed 2 caravans in the direction of Huwarra.  We did not manage to photograph, as it was raining.

15:20  Huwwara was manned.

15:30 Beit Furik - a jeep was standing in the checkpoint, but there were no inspections.

16:00  Za'tara was manned in all directions.

Note:  on Monday, 22.1., a Palestinian youth was shot at the Huwwara checkpoint and killed.  He was from Azzun Atma.