'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Ruthi Tuval, Reporting and Photos Translation: Bracha Ben Avraham
The middle gate at A'anin Checkpoint
Ruti Tuval
A'anin Checkpoint is always filthy.
Ruti Tuval

05:50 – Barta'a Reihan Checkpoint

The upper parking lot in the seamline zone was full and a lot of people were waiting for rides.  There were still parking spaces in the lower parking lot on the Palestinian side.   There was a long line in front of the turnstile, which began operating constantly from 05:50 until 06:01, and a person enters each minute, but the line did not grow any shorter.  More and more workers continued to arrive.   The turnstile began working again at 06:07 until 06:11, but meanwhile the line continued to grow longer.  By 06:18 the line reached all the way to the road and the parking lot was full and the gate was closed.  


06:30 A'anin Checkpoint

The soldiers opened the first gate and opened the second one at 06:33.   The third gate is below the hill on the road to A'anin and cannot be seen.   The first person came out at 06:37 followed by a woman with three girls.  There were no soldiers in the entire area up to the second gate.  I went in and stood next to it.  A soldier from a distance asked me if everything was all right.   We are not usually permitted to go up to the middle gate which is within the security barrier itself. 

A young man was sent back.  His uncle told me that his permit was for Reihan Checkpoint, but his fields are right here next to the fence.  He is supposed to take care of them.  Another young man was not permitted to cross.  His brother said that he is 28 years old and has no permit, but thought he would be able to cross with his father.  Several young children who appeared to be extremely happy were crossing with their father.  The first tractor arrived at 06:55.  The brother of the young man who was not allowed to cross asked the soldiers for permission to return to the village.  At 07:11 the last person crossed and the middle gate was locked.


07:20 Tura Shaked Checkpoint

There were few people crossing at this time and there was no one near the turnstile.  People told me that there were about 20 people waiting between the turnstile and the inspection room and that inspection was taking a long time.  At 07:35 there were three people left in front of the turnstile.  Cars crossed quickly from one side to another.  I left at 07:40.