'Anin, Tayba-Rummana

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Shosh F. and Hannah H., reportingץ. Marcia L., Translation


06:15 – 07:00    Agricultural Checkpoint Anin

The soldiers arrive at exactly 06:15 and the checkpoint is opened at 06:25, to a voice shouting, “Come on, come on, come up!” Sixteen people, two tractors and a donkey come out. The gate is closed at 06:35.

Agricultural Checkpoint Taibe-Rumana, 06:45

The army is already there but the checkpoint is still closed.  At 06:50, they open the gatesinfo-icon and after five minutes, people who were checked in the shed start to come out. The checkpoint serves farmers from three villages—altogether, 8,000 residents.

Seventeen people and three tractors came out.  The checkpoint is closed at 07:00.

We got lost in the alleys of Umm-al-Fahm, and sadly did not get to the other checkpoints.