Shufa - About 15 hectares of olive trees were uprooted The land was leveled by tractors

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Fathiya A’ transfers a telephone report

Yesterday, Monday, 18.5, K. called me, from the village of Shufa, SE of Tulkarm.  He told me that he had received our phone number from someone who told him that we could "help". 

He said that armed settlers, accompanied by IDF soldiers, arrived at lands belonging to the villages of Shufa and Kafa, along with 10 tractors, and began to pull up olive trees and all the agricultural crops of the residents in the area. 

The damage was about 15 hectars of olive trees which were torn up and the land was leveled.   

These lands are on the western side of the settlement of Avnei Hefetz, which was built on the lands of these 2 villages, in addition to the village of Al Lubbad and  Al Hafassi.

In addition to this, a month ago they closed the entrances to the land by piles of sand so that their owners were denied access to them to work them. 

Right now, I am reading the news about this in the newspaper Al-Ittihad from 19.5.